Extended warranty worthless?

Some do after warranty but there is not really a need.

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No. I’ve been using an external fan for 3 years. The internal one is still there. Same as when you use the filter. It’s not a problem, and I no longer have to clean the fan beyond making sure it doesn’t get completely blocked up with debris or something.


I had to get to a third replacement under warranty before #6 did everything I needed. It’s been a trooper for a few years. The refurbished from my perspective of monitoring this forum are good machines. I understand there are some less than optimal stories of replacements and such, but I do believe that Glowforge does care about making sure the product is good.

I hope your experience turns out well with this.



There are only two issues that can cause this. if the beam is misaligned it will usually damage the window on the head if trying to cut on the right side, as the beam will be most misaligned at that point. This is something for which it will have to go back to the shop for. I imagine that if there is a problem (like laser misalignment) they probably have made dozens of machines before the problem is discovered, and QC may not have caught all of them, so there will a flurry of new machines with that same issue.

The much more common issue is that the slightest film on the white window under the edge will blur in the same manner. It will not damage the black window on the head but any blur will be more pronounced when the head is furthest on the right,

The good news here is that even if you can hardly see the film that makes it blur, it is an easy fix by careful cleaning with the Zeiss cleaning pad making sure you are not leaving any slight smear that will cause that same problem.

This is an old post. Theyve already sent me a new one, had issues with it and resolved it. On machine #6 now but we are good to go.

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They actually sent me a new print head window first to fix it and it melted that window with one try on Gift of good measure. That was the first thing they tried to fix it with in case anyone reads this.

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