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I am trying to cut a long word and I watched a video on how to do this but it simply will not work. Does anyone know why when I cut the first section of the word in the passthrough and then line up the second section of the word that it never cuts at the right place? IT’s always like .25" off and then the sections are not continuous to make one word. This is so frustrating because I am doing everything correctly according to the video.

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Have you completed the camera calibration? 1/4" is more thanshould happen on the mis-alignment. Also, have you studied these? Pro Passthrough There are some improvements in the works for the pass through software, but for now I suggest you consider a jig and practicing with cardboard until you get the hang of it.


Thank you. No, I didn’t know I had to. Will do all the steps tomorrow and hopefully it will all work out. It’s very prohibiting for my business

Ok, so I am on the 3rd calibration. The first one worked but then I went to do an extended cut on MDF and it was off by about 2 mm. Recalibrated again, WAY off this time, like 5 mm .I am on my 3rd recalibration right now. What could be the problem? I am following every single step. There is so much inconsistency that I literally hate this machine that I spent nearly $7 K on and can’t do with it what I intended for it. Is there soemthing else that could be wrong with this thing?

The calibration is successful if you are within about 1/4"/6mm, although many see better results - as did you, initially. Your machine is operating as designed.

The camera inside the laser head is used for the automated passthrough capability (which is in beta) but that view is not accessible.

Manual alignment for passthrough is best performed without using the camera for reference, but rather precise location points on the bed or along the perimeter of the material. The machine is repeatably accurate to within 1/1000" across the bed, you just need to align the material carefully.

Thank you for your reply.
How would I do precise location points on the bed? Do you have a picture or something that you could show me to see how you are doing it?

If you cut at a precise location, you can transfer that to the edge of the bed or a jig/guide on the bed using a rule.

You can then use those marks to precisely position the edges of your cuts.

So, for example, if you break your design into 8" segments, you could align each segment of your file to cut 2" from the bottom of the bed. Figure out how to mark that on a jig/guide or to tape on the side of the tray. Then use the same rule to align the “top” of the previous cut to the same line when you move it. For horizontal alignment, use an edge of the bed along a straight edge of your material. When you move the segments in the design file, ONLY move them vertically (use the precise position dialog, or the arrow keys - shift-arrow moves faster)…

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