External fan and Glowforge same outlet

Just checking if any concerns of plugging in my Glowforge and external fan in same outlet. In my last house it was in different outlets though very well likely was in the same series of outlets. My new house does not have 2 super near each other and so my fan plug at the moment is stretched to a surge protector across room. Not ideal. Is it a concern to plug both in same outlet? Thank you!


I plug both into a surge suppressor and use the switch on the suppressor to power both on/off at the same time. No troubles so far.


No. The GF draws at-most 800W peak,


No concerns whatsoever. I routinely run my GF and heavy duty exhaust fan on the same 15A circuit. I’ve also had two 3D printers going simultaneously w/o incident. Most recently, I added a CNC with a big shop-vac. No problems with them running alongside the GF (diff outlets, but same circuit) as long as I don’t attempt a Frankenstein-esque switch to start them all at the same time. :wink:


Uh… 15 Amps to run a shop vac, a router spindle is already getting kind of tight, yes?


Thank you all!

Perhaps, but I’ve yet to trip a breaker. :man_shrugging:t2: YMMV, of course.

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My glowforge and fan are on the same outlet and I have not had any problems.