Extract Depth Map Data from Note 10+

I have a Samsung Note 10+. It has a ToF camera built-in. So I can take 3D images. It allows me to do cool “highlight the subject of the photo” tricks like making the subject full color, while making the background b&w. Or making the subject crystal clear while blurring the background. Very cool. Somewhat useless, but cool.

But, wait… Is it useless? I figure I should now be able to take a 3D image, extract the data, and have a perfect depth map for use with my 'forge, right? Anybody have a clue on how I might accomplish that?


I’ve read that the DOF info is often appended to the file and referenced in the EXIF. Google released a standard for the format with Android 10, but your phone may use a proprietary format.

Android 10 adds a way for apps to request this info, but I haven’t seen one pop up yet, and haven’t had time to try extracting from my own images. I have a Pixel.

Portrait mode uses this on the Pixel phones…

In examples I’ve seen, fidelity is good enough for bokeh effects but not super detailed. I’m sure it varies by device.


There are a couple of ways, the most straight forward is Blender that now has an easier GUI for beginners. By using a blend texture you can have an image where the farthest back is black and the farthest forward is white and all grays in between. all you need do is hand it the 3d object and apply the texture. this is not easy to set up but once set up is barely minutes to get what you want.
Otherwise there are a number of bump and normal map specific applications


Interesting. Maybe I should try to capture it RAW (not sure if I even can in the 3D mode) and see if I can get something to see the depth data.

I haven’t played with Blender in a few years. I’ll have to give it another look.

It would shock you I think, so much has changed.

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