Eye of the Depstech

In a galaxy far, far away…

Thanks to Jules post :+1:

I don’t think I’ll be doing the more updated thing with the degreaser…it would be a major deal for me to haul Glowria outside to do it. And so far, I’m not a real power user, so I think Jules’ method will work really well.

I had an endoscope on my Amazon list and received one from my son and his wife. This afternoon, I decided to give Glowria her routine cleaning and also play around with the Depstech. My fan looks pretty good still…at least compared to some photos I’ve seen. I mean at least you can still see the fan blades!

and just in case you ever want to check in to see what paint markers do in their container when no one can see…

Har de har…:wink:


Yeah, you can see through that…not bad at all. :+1:
(I just pulled a wad-o-crud out of the fan guard. Yeep!)


I can’t imagine what my face looks like… maybe I need one of those scopes.


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