Eyes burning

Hi I am new to the glowforge only had couple of days and when useing it my eyes burning is it normal useing in a spare bedroom

How are you venting it?

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First off, welcome to the community! What materials are you lasering? Do you have it properly vented outside or using it with a GF filter? Either way, you need to make sure the “air filter attached” is switched on. And most of all, be absolutely sure that you NEVER laser anything with PVC in it. It will destroy your GF and your health.


With a filter

And the filter is turned on and not full? If it’s clogged then it isn’t going to remove enough air from the machine. As someone said in another post, put the exhaust out a window, turn on the exhaust fan and prove the filter one way or the other.


The filter is new only used twice

Depending how long those cut times were and what material you were cutting you may have to turn up the fan in the filter.
MDF has been reported to fill a filter in 10 hours of cutting.


One thing to be aware of is that the best ventilation will occur when the hose is as straight as possible and doesn’t have a lot of bends in it. I’m not saying this is what is going on for you because I have no idea what your setup looks like, but that makes a big difference, so just want to mention that! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the tip

If you are getting any kind of smoke smell while it’s running, you might need to turn the knob up on the filter.

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