FAA drone TRUST test is now required for all US drone and RC pilots

This isn’t lasery, but there have been enough threads here about drones that I know that it will be of interest for a few people.

The FAA finally pulled the trigger and the test to fly your drone is now required.

For more info:



Thanks for the info. I have the DJI Phantom 4 Pro and I’m sure it falls in this category…sigh.

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It wasn’t too bad, test was easy, just took a few minutes. Mostly common sense.


I took the test yesterday and was easy.

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Kind of odd that you people in the US need a license to fly a drone but not an ultralight.


Yesterday “Prime Day” had a good discount on the Mavic Mini (specifically designed to be one gram below the registration weight requirement, but still pretty powerful) and I looked at it, but… Now I’ve got to go take that test so I can fly my Mavic Air… Oh well.

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Agreed. Just took it on the Emory-Riddle site. Common sense and the entire process took 15 minutes.

Thanks for the info, need to take that now.

Really? we have a field near us that a guy uses to fly his ultra light from.

no license. wow.

I know right? I wish Canada would allow that.

" Ultralight aircraft in the United States are much smaller and lighter than ultralight aircraft as defined by all other countries.

In the United States, ultralights are described as “ultralight vehicles” and not as aircraft. They are not required to be registered, nor is the pilot required to have a pilot’s certificate."

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Thanks, I passed the link on to my son, who flies drones.

man I gotta tell ya that is just stunning news.

wow today has been a learning bonanza here on the GF board. :slight_smile:


Cool! The BSA site doesn’t require anything besides your name to register:

and you can skip through the educational sections if you know the material already, so the whole thing took only 5 min.


Ah man that would have been better than the one I did. I had to read through it and the site was slow.

Just went and Passed mine, just in case I ever get a drone.

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Thanks for the suggestion.

Although I have to say it produces the ugliest “certificate” I have ever seen. I wonder if I can design my own as long as it has the same info on it.




I logged into my DroneZone account, and was a bit miffed that it only mentioned the Trust test as “coming soon” and provided no other info. I ended up followed the links from here and took the test from Emory-Riddle.


Yup. Took my test on the BSA site. Pretty much common sense and paying attention for the 30 or so minutes…

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The drone is irrelevant. If you fly for fun you’re supposed to take the test. Even if you have a commercial certificate (Part 107), you need to take this test if you want to also fly recreationally.

That’s all that’s required by the FAA. Anything else is the testing site’s attempt to milk the opportunity for their own purposes.

BTW, the certificate holder’s data is not supposed to be saved anywhere. The FAA only gets the cert #/key to know it’s been issued. If you ever need to show it to the FAA or LEO they can check to see that it’s a valid cert (but don’t know that it was issued to you except through the copy of the cert you have in your possession). So if you ever lose the certificate you can’t retrieve it from anywhere - you’ll have to take the test again.