Fabric/Felt 3-layer Face Mask

My first working prototype. Two layers cotton, one layer felt in between, cut on GF. Modeled after Muji face masks sold in Japan. Will post vector and instructions soon.


Nice! I had been thinking that felt would be a good filtering medium…

I have tons of felt. Wondered if i could use it. I don’t think it’s washable though right?

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It’s washable, but your technique for success will depend on fiber content…is it wool felt? If so, you can hand wash it easily and lay it flat to dry. If it’s a blend or synthetic, you may be able to machine wash it (cool & gentle) and not have it shrink.
If you don’t know the fiber, you can burn a little corner of it. If it melts, it’s synthetic. If it doesn’t really won’t sustain fire and just gets ashy, it’s wool.

Here’s some tips for washing felt.

Thank you!

Thank you

FaceMask Adult instructions