FABruary social media art challenge I'm starting

Heya, I’m kicking off a new monthly hashtag art challenge that I hope might be of interest to some people here.

I plan to spend the month of February digging through my half-finished ideas backlog and making something each day. I’m trying to drum up participation from other people who want to do the same. I’ll be using my Glowforge and my two 3D printers to transform a bunch of design ideas into physical objects.

I’ve put together this list of prompts, with a focus on brushing off machines and skills and making more complex things throughout the month.

I’ll be active mostly on Instagram and Twitter if people use the tag.

Here’s the copy from my Instagram announcement post.

Make February a month for making things! 3D Printing, Crafting, Laser-cutting, take your equipment off its shelf, take your materials out of boxes, and most importantly dust off those skills. Keep the spark of creativity shining through the dark winter months! Follow up SculptJanuary with a month of making ideas into things we can hold.

Every day in February, take an idea and turn it into something physical. It could be a 3D model you made last month for #SculptJanuary, a doodle you made for #Inktober, or an idea you’ve had pinned on your “cool Ideas” #Pinterest for years. Take a couple hours from your day and make it.

Nothing is too boring or too derivative! Have you been wanting to print some cable management for your desk? Does your wall need a reminder to live, laugh, and/or love? Keep those lasers burning, and those crickets chirping, and join me in burning through our material piles this month.

Set a goal and make it fun. If you miss a day, just come back and pick up a prompt that strikes joy. Pick and choose the ideas you want to make. Make something every day, or one thing a week. Join the group effort of completing work and showing your ideas the light of day.


  1. Make a thing each day inspired by the prompts
  2. Prompt examples will be posted each day on Instagram @HarperCrafthall
  3. Share your progress at discord.gg/kjtQD3S with THE CLUB art community on Discord
  4. Post your creations on social media.
  5. Add #fabruary or #fabruary2022
  6. Have fun!

so its an advent calendar, but you make the calendar


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Oh, I want to participate. I need some motivation. I’ll read more about it in a bit, need to exercise now before I decide not to.


Verrrry interesting! I’m too lazy to do all 30 days but I might pick up a couple.

Ps: your Instagram photos are mind blowing!

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This absolutely sounds fun - I’m on the, not sure I’d do all 28 train, but let’s see how this goes!

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My wife is always reminding me, “Don’t let perfect be the enemy of done.” Come participate. I’d love to see more ideas that people come up with.

My update from today features something that I think a lot of Forgers got into the Glowforge for, living hinges. Seeing flexible or curved surfaces from plywood and acrylic never ceases to amaze me. Yet, I have done little more than trying out a few test patterns. I found a couple on Etsy selling laser-cut stuff, but also their patterns for bracelets with flexible hinges all the way around. The way I figure, I’ll make a few bracelets that I can give to people, and make some real headway into learning how to utilize this technique.

Here’s their store link: Counterglow Designs

and here is my update on Instagram today. LINK Tag me if you make anything.

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