Face Palm

Ya’ know, I like to think that I am a reasonably bright guy, but sometimes I can be a little thick.

One of our local hardware chain stores (Orchard Supply Hardware) recently went out of business and I was able to pick up a bunch of 12"x24" BB plywood and also had a box of it that I had gotten from Amazon…

So today, decided that it was time to cut it all down to 12"x20". Went out to the garage to use the table saw. Bunch crap piled on it, oh yeah, I don’t have a plywood blade for it, need to buy one and change it. Decided that was too much work, so I decided to get out my 4" circular saw and cut it. About that time, I remembered that someone here had pointed out we already own the perfect device for cutting this down, a :glowforge: Pro with a pass through slot! Used some of the hold down tabs that someone else designed and cut all of the plywood and a dozen 12x24 sheets of 2 layer acrylic I had around.

Insert Face Palm here!


I had the same epiphany, thankfully early on. It’s hard to change tool habits!


That was the primary reason I went for the Pro, knowing I could cut down 24 or 48 inch material as needed. Also you can have 3 - 12 x 8 inch pieces or one 12 x 16 and the one 12x8 or any other arrangement that best uses the whole piece.