Face Shields

Hi, I have just started making face shields for local healthcare workers. I tried using the Prusa pattern and instructions which suggested using .060 PETG for the top band and bottom part, and .020 PETG for the face shield. But the .060 material I got kept breaking (which makes me think I got something other than PETG). I also had a hard time sliding the plastic face piece onto the plastic tabs. So I ended up making the whole thing out of .020 PEG and making a modification to the design - combining the outer band and the face piece. Assembly otherwise works the same way (you need .75" wide elastic to tie the whole thing together)

(Yes, it doesn’t have a top part. The person I’m giving these to said it wasn’t necessary - I assume they have head coverings they’re using.)

Glowforge proto-shield mask-modified-combinedmaskband-for-Glowforge.pdf (55.6 KB)


Thank you for the design, Where did you get the materials from? I am going to make some and donate, My cousin is a Nurse.

I want to use this design but I think my glowforge bed is smaller. I have a plus that measures 20.5" x 13". also what settings should I use to cut the parts? I tried with a scaled down version yesterday with .03 Polycarbonate and couldn’t get it to cut through and there was also yellowing from the cut. HELP? Please!

The printable area of the bed on all machines is just under 19.45x10.98". The design above is 15.826x10.557, well within those limits.

I don’t understand then. I’m pretty new to the Glowforge. When I upload the .SVG file it shows up as being outside the area. The lines don’t turn orange. So once I start resizing, it throws off the scale. Also what should my settings look like? I was using .05 inch with full power and it still didn’t cut all the way through a .03mm piece of polycarbonate.

So I’m doing a few things wrong - heplmeplease :slight_smile:

This timing is wonderful actually! I was just at my dentist for a root canal (YAY!!) and of course they were all wearing these heavy shields with the top band saying that they are giving them serious migraines to the point that they would prefer to take them off then to be “safe”. So, thank you for the share!!

Side bar, if anyone has come up with a top that works with this please let me know …

There are no good settings for cutting polycarbonate with a CO2 laser. It behaves just as you described.

It helps when you open the files before posting… :upside_down_face: (found it!)

what about Impact modified acrylic .030 or PETG ? Will that work? If I can find it that is?

I can’t make any recommendations myself, having no personal experience with those things. You might try searching the forum and/or the googles.

i have a really stupid question. Assuming the acrylic I bought .02 and .03 works as some others have suggested, Is there such a thing as stacking material? Say 2 pieces of .03 and set the GF to auto focus that or manually at .06? Is that inane?

Never stack material, it’s a huge fire risk.

thanks - I figured it was dumb

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