Faceshield design

I managed to find some opensource CAD for a facemask design and thought this could me redrawn to be lasercut. These can me made from 3mm or 5mm acrylic and some acetate (or similar like a cut plastic bottle). I cut holes in the acetate using a hole punch.

I made 2 versions using 3mm clear acrylic 1 being a single frame and another file breaking up the frame into 3 parts and glued together which allowed getting many more on a single sheet.


visor 1 piece.ai (1.5 MB) visor 1 piece.pdf (742.7 KB) x3 visor 3 piece.ai (80.1 KB) x3 visor 3 piece.pdf (79.9 KB)shield cutout.pdf (733.7 KB)


Thank you for sharing much needed files.

Thanks for these.

Thanks. Do you have the measurements / pattern for where to punch the holes in the face shield material?

The holes are 80mm apart and i used 260mm wide x 240 high acetate.
I have updated he files adding a layout for the shield.