Factory Reset Glowforge - UPDATED


This will erase all logs / data from your Laser – DO at your own risk.

Please do not turn off your Glowforge until the reset process is complete.

  • Turn on your Glowforge.
  • Open the lid.
  • Press and hold the Glowforge button. …
  • Release the button when it begins to blink teal.
  • Press and hold the blinking teal button again until the button begins to blink blue.

Glowforge will then reboot after a moment and light will go teal


And while we are on the subject, what color button means what setting?

1 - Teal (Wi-Fi Setup mode)
2 - Amber (no communication with laser head)
3 - Orange - temp low / temp high (check all fans)
4- Blue


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I re-setted it!


What are the consequences of doing this?

resets your glowforge to ‘factory’ as its a new machine.
you should then be able to re-name it, and clear all crap in memory <?>

So then do you end up with a duplicate machine in your account? Does it erase any calibration data?

Eh, never mind. I see there are a few search results for “factory reset” where support asked people to do this to troubleshoot problems (and also asked them not to do it unless asked to). I’m assuming it’s not particularly harmful other than erasing diagnostic logs.

Still, not sure it’s helpful for people to stumble accros this and just start pressing buttons.


Support has suggested that this only be done when directed by them to do this.


good to know… thanks

While you’re at it, you can reset your computer by running sudo rm -rf /* at the command prompt. :innocent:


That procedure also erases all the logs so support won’t be able to remotely diagnose anything. Not something recommended to do willy nilly.


The unexpected laughs are the ones that are most appreciated on this forum. (Though I do need to be careful when reading this in a meeting.)


Format C: is also a useful command sometimes.


I updated postings with proper warnings.


Also temp high and carriage fan stressed, and the pathway to any of above.

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Reminds me of the old IRC days when people would jump in channel and beg for mod status. We’d tell them “sure. Alt-F4 for mod status.” If they came back 2 or 3 times after being told “oh you must have did it wrong.” it was a big bonus. :slight_smile:


We’d do that in world of Warcraft for random hack activations. Yeah alt+f4 for 1000 gold or a random loot award. Or tell the new people in the guild that /gquit(guild quit) gave them bank access or officer status.
Or if someone couldn’t figure out how to leave a guild, tell them /quit which exited the game.

I forget all the stupid anagrams we’d make up to explain them.


Working from home I find this issue has almost gone away! :rofl: I mean if you don’t turn on your zoom camera. Lol

I have been working from home for almost two years now. Most of the time I am on camera.

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I almost never turn it on. I told everyone I’m zoomed out. Lol

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I can’t get it to go green