#fail. This, my friends, is why I need my Glowforge



I got all my wood planed, joined and engraved to lay in my cut letters I did the week before… To realize I didn’t do the & $+! =/! S at the end of their last name. Now I get to drive 30 mins back to my Makerspace for an S and to make thinner lines. Please, someone call the Maker whaaambulance.

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending March 4th, 2017

Yeah, that would be aggravating! (Looks great though!) :smile:


Very nice layout. Looks like foam core board for the letters. In some languages they don’t put an “s” at the end of a family name when referencing the family. At least you didn’t put an apostrophe!:smile:


I’m going to keep my membership for long jobs, but I cant wait for having it to prototype and do smalls!!


You just found one of my grammar nazi pet peeves. THEY DON’T OWN ANYTHING I shout when I see that!! Lol well it says The at the top of the design … So it needs the S… Well and it is burned there… Lol I never do designs with that layout. Normally, its the whoever family or just the last name. I’m guessing thats why i did that! Gaaah


Oh and its actually 1/4 ply. I PREpaint the board before I cut it. I got smart lol


That’s a nice effect.


I love the design! Very nice work. Not nearly a fail… supreme piss off maybe, but not a fail. Have you tried the vinegar steel wool mix for the barn board cut ends? It does a great job faux aging them.


I’ve used that mixture on some Halloween graveyard fencing I’d made from pallet wood. It really does add age to the wood.


This is GORGEOUS! I swear…I just need to stay off of this forum until I get my GF. Seeing all this cool stuff and not being able to play along at home is crazy torture! :grin:


Wow - stunning!


That wood is just beautiful!! I really love the contrast between the rustic boards and the sharp white lettering. Missing that single letter sure sounds frustrating (and also like something I would do as well lol) but hey- at least it’s just a missing letter and not a typo! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I have some mixed up for years, but I haven’t yet. I often do a contrast color on the edge like white… The bottom isn’t done… Just fitting the letters… This one I might try it. It’s going to be a coat rack when it’s done. :slight_smile:


Thank you! I’ve jumped out of my car like a crazy person way more times than I care to admit so that I have so many variations and types of reclaimed :slight_smile:


While that’s frustrating, the overall effect is great! I love the barn wood and the shadow effect that doubles as an assembly guide.


Oh mannn, I’m so jealous!! Despite my constant searches I’ve yet to find discarded wood just waiting to be picked up and turned into something amazing. Although, that’s probably a good thing, as I don’t really have anywhere to put it all :laughing:


Theres a reclaimed wood store about five minutes from my house. They bring in old torn down barns and such and sell everything by the foot. Some of the wood I’ve been able to scrounge up there has been STUNNING


right - it’s an “iteration”… and, you’re right that it will be MUCH easier to “iterate” with a GF at home in the shop/on the desk. BIG GROUP HUG. :glowforge: :hugging:


Ahhhhh so jealous. The closest I’ve come to a good supply like that is from a friend at school. He tried to start up a Reclaimed Wood design/build program where students could go and help dismantle old barns/houses/etc and re-use the wood for projects. I was able to grab a southern yellow pine floor joist from a house built in the 1830s, and it is simply stunning…and currently still in Charlottesville :cry:


They brought in some magnificent beams from a barn the other day and I’ve been fantasizing about making a desk out of them but they’re so old and dense I dont think I can maneuver them solo. They’re also a tad cost prohibitive.