Failure is an OPTION (If you learn from it)

So it is now time to broaden the horizons, which means fails to occur…

After reviewing others’ postings on etching glass material, I thought to try my hand at some Hobby Lobby glass stones.

Read through many to narrow down the settings (thanks to all who have posted their experience and settings) and thought I had a good first run setup… Dish soap, clean SVG, small project, smooth surface materials … Well at least I thought :thinking:

Put the materials in, change the settings and hit the Print button. Hmmmm 38 minutes??

The settings were this:

Should have paid more attention - Oops!

Amazingly bright burns :dark_sunglasses: Almost welding brightness!! Thinking it was something to do will glass and dish soap, I just let it run.

Job gets done (looking a little burned versus engraved) took it over to the sink to wash the soap off (did let it set for 5 minutes before getting it out of Kòptis :glowforge: to let it cool down). It broke into pieces and was surprisingly melted.



Okay, something doesn’t look like other people’s projects. Why? (looks at the settings and realizing that speed 100 and power 100 was not what I thought I had put in :astonished::roll_eyes: ).

Well back to the drawing board…


Whoops! (Yeah, not the desired result!) :smile:

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Good post!
"There is no forward progress without missteps" - Theodore Roosevelt
Failure is our teacher. Surprised how much melting occurred. I would have thought it would split right away.


I don’t think I’d go anywhere near 100 slow on glass. Obviously, thermal stress is too high. I will check what glass settings I’ve used before.

I’ve never pulled less than 350 for speed on glass, and still have to dial in some glass setting issues, but never had breakage at 350+ speed.


Rough up the surfaces and solder/braze it back together. The glass and metal will still look cool.


It wasn’t suppose to be at that speed. Fat finger syndrome :confounded:


That will get you every time.

I have a stack of thin one inch square glass panes for jewelry making that I have yet to test. But I want to try engraving on the back of several sheets so when stacked the different engravings make one picture with depth. Just gotta figure out the settings.



When one does NOT fat finger settings, one can actually get something to work with and show.

Full Power/360 Speed/225 LPI and Dish Soap (Only took 2 and a half minutes versus 38 minutes :astonished: )

Different lighting


Turned out very pretty! :grinning::+1:


My wife likes butterflies, so I am trying to create things to her liking.


My youngest daughter likes butterflies, and bunnies. I will send you some public domain butterfly vectors that I have found, too. You will have lots of stuff to use.

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That will include the butterfly from my jewelry thread.



My wife loved the simplicity of it.

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