Fairy Door Addiction

Continuing the discussion from Fairy Doors:

Since making the Fairy Doors in @jed_ike’s post I am now addicted to Fairy Doors - I just employed a designer to create me 54 unique Fairy Doors for our neighborhood. My Step-Daughter is in charge of painting them and I just ordered a stack of moss to help blend them into the surroundings.

I am going to make the 54 designs into volumes of 6 different doors for download - and will make the first volume FREE in the #free-laser-designs category.

I am super excited about what is going to come in the area of Fairy Door Creation.


Sounds like a very fun, collaborative project!

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Those are great!

Are they painted with Unicorn Spit?


No - Acrylic paint and a brush after cutting.

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They look fantastic! My neighbors loved my hobbit hole so I promised to make them some fairy doors. I’ll be using designs found here in Free Laser Designs. Can’t wait to see your first volume!

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I am hoping to have it in 48 hours.

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54! Excited to see them!


These are all very cool. I love the green one!!