Fake die cut sticker tutorial



I don’t think this has been posted. Instructables had a neat little tutorial on making custom shaped stickers using Avery shipping labels and a laser cutter. As I glanced through it I couldn’t help but think this is the kind of job that the visual alignment and special user interface on the Glowforge would be perfect for.

fake die cut stickers


I’d seen this but thanx for the bump. I need to get on this doing some for my B# knife sharpener as I have everything needed having a laser printer and a silhouette.


Glowforge and Silhouette, good team! :squee:



If the stickers are small enough, just use packing tape for the gloss overlay?


Oh, this is a great concept. I’ll bookmark this!


Oh man, what a great way to do promo stuff.


I’ve been wondering if you could just create the die out of acrylic or delrin and use a sturdy embossing/die cutting machine to cut them out.


I’ve done lots of stickers this way. Both kiss cut and all the way through. Registration can be tricky…the Glowforge cameras should make it much easier.


Oh, nice. Thanks for the info.