Fall hair accessory


The fun part of spending the past few years growing my hair back out has been finding fun things to do with it. I may do some more of these in greens and yellows too, just to add to the fun.

Now all I need to do is come up with a good hair stick design to go with it :slight_smile:

Dye leather before cutting?

How pretty! Love the fall colors…painted leather? Or is it dyed? :grinning:


Just dye. Its :proofgrade: thick leather, I just really like playing with and blending dyes. Sooooo many options!


Ooooo, nice! I like the subtle shading. For the sticks you could cut them with subtle random bends, to look like twigs. Or just use twigs! :smile:


Very nice @jae! The leaf clip - and the hair :sunglasses:
Great shading on the leaf. Thank you for sharing the inspiration! I’ll have to snag that idea for my wife.
Happy Halloween!


Fun! The one you’re wearing in the pic makes you look Canadian.


Galadriel would be envious! Nice stuff.