Falling Domino Echo

Eleven “dominoes” are each scored with a unique pattern which joins to the adjacent domino forming a simple ordering puzzle. With each piece standing upright and then allowed to fall, a forward falling wave is followed by a reverse wave, finally showing a flat assembled puzzle pattern. The videos show clips at a normal speed and one-quarter speed.
Each domino is made with five layers of 1/8 inch thick material.


I can only view the slow motion video. Very cool to watch.

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Here’s another try at the first video.


Sorry. Both are mp4 format. Fixing this is beyond my skill level.

I’m amazed you got one to work at all; Discourse is stubborn about videos. We usually post them on YouTube and then link to them there. :slight_smile:

I love the falling into line effect – first time I saw that was in a brick-laying video. I had to watch it over and over to figure out how it worked!


OK. Here is a dropbox try.

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Very cool!! Love the effect!


Nope, I can hear the sound, but all the normal speed videos are all white. Only the slow one has a picture.

Here is the dropbox link. Maybe it will work. Copy the URL, remove the leading %, and paste into your browser.

I think something is just wrong with the video. Even the dropbox link, I get the sound, but the video is black instead of white. Interesting. I got the picture from the slow-motion video, but just letting you know that the other one has great sound, but no video. :rofl:

I see them just fine and it looks great! What fun!


AWESOME! I love falling dominoes videos.


Nice work!

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The videos all work great for me, and this is the coolest thing I’ve seen in a while! Never heard of that echo effect, and I’ll bet it took a bit of testing to get everything working right. Neat!

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It’s a nice toy with simple a jigsaw puzzle which works for youngsters and really oldsters. Alignment is easy: layout the pieces on a rough surface touching each other. Then rotate each 90-degrees to stand on its edge without changing the position of the line of contact with the surface. Smooth surfaces do not work so well since the falling domino tends to slide forward. A rug works. I used sandpaper but this is overkill.


Neat project. All videos worked for me, also.

I saw a video like this, except it was with similarly shaped concrete blocks. I didn’t believe it but couldn’t deny it.

Cool, kind of mesmerizing too.