Fallout Gauss Rifle Build



This is a gauss rifle made using laser cut EVA foam along with some other materials and techniques by one of my favorite cosplayers. It turns out looking really good!

Glowforge and Cosplay

She is one of my favorites, but I had not seen the video. This was one of the original motivations for me to buy the Glowforge and seeing the entire project like this helps convince me how useful the laser will be for these types of projects. Thanks for the share!


“Then something miraculous happened…We used our newfound technologies, lasers and 3D printers, not as machines for war, but as a nearly limitless source of creativity.” That’s awesome. Even more awesome is that the video, ultimately, is about making a prop gun. :joy:

What a fun video from start to end. Thanks for posting!


That was astonishing–I’m blown away by her skill.


The magnets to click stuff together, so awesome.


I have this amusing mental image of pulling the trigger and a very weak metal slug just kind of… plopping out.

That was a really great build video… I’m looking forward to cutting some foam and seeing how well it works. Awesome.


2½ Corgi puppies long - lol . Anyone know a good source for that type of foam?


Nice job!


workout floor mats. the ones that have the puzzle piece edges


i just gotta find where to buy the foam and i know what ill be doing…


You can generally get those from most big stores, walmart, kmart, etc. If you have a harbor freight they generally go on sale once a month for $6 for 4 tiles. Great deal. For finer details craft stores have thinner types of EVA usually labeled ‘craft foam’


nice , thank you




That gun looks so cool and clean with thier cuts. This is exactly what I’m hoping to do once I get my hands on my glow forge.


Yeah, EVA is so unforgiving. If you make a cut past a seam, that can be a whole lot of trouble


That’s amazing. I can hardly wait to show the kids.


Not sure if this is a good deal but Woot has EVA foam exercise mats today for $17.99 for six 2 foot square by half inch think tiles plus edging:


This is a little better of a deal:

Sometimes they go as cheap as $6


Super clever and excellent detail, the rust and lights are so spot on - the design blows me away (bad pun intended). Im just a novice at this and I see the importance to learn to design and layout the workout mats. So, i ask any and all of you kind contrbuitors for your guideance - any direction is appreciated. I’m currently learning Affinity for designs on my mac. in another lifetime i designed jewlery (pencil and pen)- that world sure has changed and maybe I can come back to it with GF. Thanks all, this is just great and excited as you all are.


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