Family Blessing - Calendar

Here is a template of a gift I made (requested by my wife). I thought that if I went to all that trouble to make it, I should at least share it.

Family Blesssings - Template

The bottom cut-out is meant to be glued/affixed to the back of the top cut-out. The holes in the “A” and “L” are meant to be used to hang the calendar on the wall.

“Blessings” is meant to be glued/affixed on the front.

The circle template is meant for birthdays, and the heart template is meant for anniversaries. (Don’t forget to convert the text to paths so it can be engraved.)

My wife bought some rings (I think they are meant for jewelry) from a craft store, and that is how we strung all the events together.

I will post I picture of mine, if I can get my wife to help me with it tomorrow. We have not delivered the gift yet, since we have not seen her parents.

Edit: Here is the finished product (with names and dates obscured for security reasons).


Great idea! Thanks for sharing


Hey, thanks!


how do i save the file

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Right-click on the image and select “Save image as…”

[Not this image, the one above…]


thank you!!

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