Family Crest Gift

That’s how we all are. We can see the flaws but not the whole. We think perfection is required but nothing is perfect. Any art has some flaw somewhere that we likely can’t find but the artist can’t not see.

You have no worries about whether this is going to be loved.


What the heck? I looked and looked and cannot even see it. If I can’t see it and you told us it’s there…how do you think anyone else will see it? It’s beautiful!

(And one more thing…(waggling my finger at you with unsolicited free advice)…do not give this lovely thing to your aunt prefaced by all the negative things that either happened or that you caused. Give it with great confidence and love…which is the way it will be received.) :slightly_smiling_face: :hugs:




I didn’t read the description, just went straight to the photo and thought, wow, that’s gorgeous and perfect! So there!


:rofl::rofl::rofl:. OK. If I stare at it cross-eyed, I don’t notice the missing black. I know now that I shouldn’t be trusted with sandpaper. It’s also in the mail now along with something else I made over the weekend; so, out of sight, out of mind.

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Just an update. She received it in the mail a day earlier than I expected. She loved it, said it was absolutely perfect and exactly what she wanted. You guys won, she didn’t even noticed the mistakes :sweat_smile: Thanks for the encouraging words…now onto the next project.