"Family-In-Town" Projects


Family was visiting, so I knocked off a few requests while they were here.

First time cutting Thick Proofgrade Acrylic for a LED Lamp Base.

Ikea cutting board

Slate Coasters

Slate Cheeseboard

Glowforge v.2 is getting packed up and returned now, as a wait for v.3 to arrive in the mail.


Lovely and a great selection of material and designs. I’m sure very successful!


Amazing projects! I love the sailboat lamp—it’s gorgeous.


nice variety of projects


Oooh! I like the lamps too! Great results! :grinning:


Acrylic is always fun … Your lights turned out really nice! Actually … Everything is really nice!


These looks so perfect. Nice pictures too. Glamour shots.


Your projects are so polished and beautifully photographed. Your family will be blown away!