Family tickets

Made some family tickets/coupons.
I’m sure at some point in your life you made, given, or received something like one of these.
If made out of dry erase board it’s a lot easier to make a universal one. Then some with sub lamination for an extra cool look. Plain wood looks neat too. Here’s a few examples of the different ways I just mentioned. What is the ticket you’d like to receive if you could get one from a family member?



This looks like a perfect design for the Glowforge Catalog, in case you happen to want to submit it there! I would put these in a closed box to randomly draw one out for a special occasion :sparkling_heart:


I probably will in the future


You should make one that says One Junk Food Friday”. My wife started this with my daughter while I was in Japan. Anything goes!


I have these in Glowforge’s catalog now if you still want to make them.

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Awesome! Congratulations on getting them in so quick! :sparkling_heart:


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I used your GF catalog file to make these tickets when lots of my family came to visit!

I made the items obscure so they wouldn’t really know what they were getting :joy_cat:

  1. “Tour old birds” – go to the air museum
  2. “Try something stinky” – pour resin
  3. “Go float around” – float the river at Amerson River Park in Macon, GA
  4. “Conversation Raffle” – draw out a conversation starter question, multiple uses
  5. “Rummage About” – go antiquing (most had never done this before)
  6. “Score a Haul” – go to the Goodwill
  7. “Catch Crafter’s Herp**” :wink: – make glitter slime
  8. “Be a Forest Nymph” – make flower crowns and take pics in the woods
  9. “Have a treat” – go to a coffee/pastry house
  10. “Make a New Friend” – make watercolor monsters like Splotch Monster Island

They look great. Thanks for sharing these.

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