Family tree


Hi everyone! I’m pretty excited about this project. I have a family friend turning 92 and wanted to make something special. The family is fairly large so I thought about a family tree project. I’ve been dabbling with tile etching like a lot of people and I wanted to incorporate tile in some way so I went browsing at Home Depot and Lowe’s. I found these sheets of various sizes of round tiles. Then instead of the traditional tree shape I started thinking about spirals. Anyway here’s what I came up with. The whole clan loved it at the party. My wife said everyone would want to touch the tiles so we framed it but left the glass off and thats exactly what they did!!


Oh and since her name is Beatrice she goes by Bea hence the bee. That was made with Cricut.


Truly one of a kind. I suspect you’ve started a new design trend. Very well done.


WOW! Creative use of those little tiles, and super creative layout for a family tree!


Holy cow! I didn’t know you could get round tiles. Your project looks amazing!


Love the non-traditional modern design! Fantastic!


Yeah, that’s one of the nicest “trees” I’ve seen…very unique. :grinning::+1:


Brilliant idea. Very creative use of alternate tiles to the traditional square ones.

I could see how you could adapt the concept to a wedding “album”. Have people sign the little tiles in various Sharpie colors. Then use the GF trace to etch them before re-Sharpie them. Present them in a heart shaped shadow box when the couple gets back from the honeymoon.


That’s a really creative idea (and its been appropriated :sunglasses: ) But I thought the trace feature really only liked black.


Great use of tile size to co-notate relationship/level. Really nice and I’m sure it will be cherished.


Maybe. I thought if you hiked the contrast up in the GFUI it would read other colors. But if not, just put them all on a copy machine, photocopy the set and then scan the photocopy.