Fan went out

Hi, am I able to hook up something to use since one of my fans is not working on my Glowforge pro? Would cleaning help? Or connecting a sucker blower to the vent home in back then to outside? Thank you.

Which fan?

Do you mean all the fans are not working or just the exhaust fan at the rear? You should check out the grid in the back where the vent hose hooks up. They get clogged. There are ways to clean this, search for them in the database. If all fans are not working you may have electrical problems. If you need additional exhaust check this out:

Hi, I believe its the one in the front of the unit but I will check the back one for gunk and I have not cleaned it for some time. I will start cleaning. Thank you, Kenneth Greene

The fan inside the front right cools the electronics and runs 100% of the time when power is on. The exhaust only runs during an operation. The pump turns on and off, usually on.

The air assist fan behind the head only runs during an operation. Can’t really hear that one because the exhaust fan will run at the same time and is much louder.

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Ah, ok. I do see smoke movement on the front right but not much other areas so perhaps cleaning the exhaust fan and other areas would do it.
Thank you for your time.


That will be your solution

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I did this to help but cleaning is the first answer…

It is 200 cfm but alone is not enough, and if the screen is clogged even less so.

Thank you. Yes, will be cleaning first.

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I’ve just done the clean last night because my fan had got seriously noisy.

Easy to do on a Basic, just more fiddly but not difficult on the others.

Made a Huuuuuggeeee difference to noise and air flow.

Check the exhaust port at the back too - mine needs cleaning weekly.