Fancy pants fantasy dice tower

Oh hey! Missed this post back in October.

Super glad it worked out for you! It’s pretty cool to see other people using a design you built. :slight_smile:

For what it’s worth, if I’m rolling a real handful of dice, like 5-6 or so, there’s a few escapees sometimes… I might have raised the lip on the bottom landing area sliiiightly if I had to build it again, but not by much.


What material thickness is this set up for?

It’s 9 1/2 inches tall, according to the OP, so I’m going to say that’s got to be 1/8" material. :slight_smile:


Oh, yes… sorry. It’s proofgrade medium maple plywood. 1/8th.


hiya! I’m new to using the GF. Can you tell me how you were able to use the entire PG piece of wood?
i am trying to place the pieces and it wont let me use the entire thing. I am using Inkscape (I
m still trying to figure that out as well ).
Do i place all the pieces of the box while using Inkscape THEN try to upload it to GF ? or rearrange it in the GF display? Thank you for any help

The design does not use a single sheet. You move parts around to fit within the ~19x11 printable area, the bounds of which are indicated in the interface as you lay out the parts for printing.


Ahhh! Thank you! I was doing that, but thought there was a magic wand being waved to get it done in one pass :grin:
Thank you for responding

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I came across this a couple weeks ago and decided to print one. I love the design. I ended up using cork instead of felt, because it was what I had. I wasn’t completely clear on how the platforms were attached, but I think I figured it out. I did have a couple questions.

  1. I had to cut the small and medium platforms twice, was that correct?
  2. Where do the rocks go, there were several rocks cut out from the exit on the bottom, but I couldn’t figure out what they were for.
  3. Was there are reason for the notches in the braces?

If I make another one, I think I’ll cut a cardboard template for where the braces go, to make lining them up and gluing them easier.

Overall I love it, and thanks for posting it!


Ooh! Turned out great with the cork in there!

The extra stones in there were because earlier on I thought I’d glue some loose stones on some parts of it to add more depth, but I just decided against it after I was assembling it.

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