Fansub anime fans: a sad day

I remember this group when it was solely in existence to say F you to crunchyroll. I remember when they outlived the biggest Naruto fansub site of the years. I remember when they went more legit and subbed on their own instead of just offering up crunchyrolls subbed anime episodes for free.

I’ve been using these guys and gals for ages and am sad to see them go. They could have subbed some of the songs though. (Long time joke.) dispute their name, I salute you Horriblesubs.


Some assembly required.

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I never heard of them. But I wonder if they were responsible for some of the horribly translated subtitles I was subject to before crunchy roll. :rofl: :rofl: I’m sorry that you are sad to see them go. But I think crunchy roll subs the songs to the animes I watch.

Their translations were great once they started being an actual sub group. Before that they thought the crunchy method of charging for something no one else was charging for back then was wrong so they ripped the crunchy subs of naruto every week. They had an original list of like 10 site rules one of which was literally just “f*** crunchyroll.”
But I do know of what you speak with actual horrible subs. I own quite a number of Hong Kong special dvds with …interesting? translation choices in the same series.

Lol. The only time I know when subs ar bad is when the English is super bad. But my only other scale to determine that is when my husband tells me, that’s not what was said. He’s gotten into the habit of reading subtitles just to tell me if they are correct. It helps to have a native Japanese speaker in the house. This is especially helpful when watching Gintama, since they make so many word jokes.

I only watch crunchyroll because my brother pays for it. We used to go to idividual fan sites, but after getting a couple viruses from them, we stopped. I pay for netflix, brother pays for crunchyroll.

Speaking of subs…

Lol. Not very surprising. I mean if it’s already in common use, we can just use more. I’d expect nothing less than a company held by Doctors Associates Inc. The two guys are even doctors. Not medical doctors, but engineering doctors. and when they started, only one of the two had earned the degree. Actually, I don’t know if the other guy finished his doctorate. But what’s the difference anyway. :laughing:

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