Fantastic Frosty Force Friday Fiesta!


So after reading @bailey’s post about Force Friday it inspired me to make these little ones. I snagged the files from here: I messed with the files a little as this is meant to be cut out of .125" mdf or other “snappy” material because each of the parts have some gaps in the cut lines so it stays in the “motherboard”. Messed with it a little further and Voila! Realized the frosted part is facing down on the :proofgrade: frosted acrylic, and also forgot to erase a second block piece which cut into the ends of the top two wing parts, but they loooook puuuuurdy. Going to display them on my table at the coming up Maker Faire, Maybe I will hang them with lasers shooting at each other?:star2::sunglasses::nerd_face:


Isn’t awesome that you now can just see something or feel like making something. Then a few min later BAM! Laser cut awesomeness


I can finally see a use for frosted acrylic! :sunglasses::vulcan_salute:


I really like the musical theme! :wink: And they look super cool in frosted acrylic.


Haha! Yes I am a purveyor of music, especially when performed on a Viola🕺🏻!


Nice job! I really like the frosted look too.


Now a little led diode and Booom! Next level Christmas ornaments :sunglasses:


Frosted acrylic looks great for these!! You are definitely having a blast! :grinning: