Fantastic laser etched enamel jewelry

Arthur Hash has some serious jewelry chops, and has been experimenting with combining hand work and digital production methods for some time.
His laser engraved enamel work is particularly beautiful, and inspirational:


wow, those are beautiful!

Wow, really nice stuff.

So, it looks like he had pre-made enamel cabochons and laser etched into them to create a black line. I’m SO excited about this possibility. I’ve been collecting stuff to try simple torch-fired enameling, and I imagine the glass-like surface of such pieces might be markable with a GF Pro.

Actually, it looks to me like he cut the metal out then raised it into a dome then did 2 coats of enamel before adding the laser etching. Very awesome in my opinion no mater how he came to it.

As for the second video, that was brilliant! absolutely brilliant!