Fantasy Art Nouveau Unicorn Clock

It has been a while since I posted, but I finally completed a project I had shelved a couple of years ago. My kids are delighted to have their personalized clock at last. FYI, it’s really an alicorn, not a unicorn, as my kids will definitely let you know if you bring it up.


Great composition and execution!
Good to see your work again, the last time I remember seeing you post was your Thanksgiving pumpkin…


An amazing clock! Beautiful!

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Yes Unicorns have split hooves and an actual lion type tail while alicorn is a flying horse with a horn I suppose though I had not run across that name before,

In any case a beautiful job.

Oh that’s gorgeous! The clouds, the swirls, just everything works so well together :slight_smile:
We called them unipegs once they had wings :stuck_out_tongue:

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Gorgeous! (Whatever it is.) :smile:

Beautiful result.

Everything nicely out of alignment. Awesome concept.
This one is a keeper, so may need to make another to keep peace in the family. (I support the My Name Is On Top So It Is Mine argument).

Great job.

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Very appealing, a nice touch of magic.

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Haha, that’s a strong argument!

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Ooooo, magical!

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Love the colour combination!

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Lovely design!

Oh the things I learn on this forum.