Fantasy football trophy

Some folks at my office are just wrapping up their fantasy league. I’m not playing myself, but got a request to make a trophy for the winner, so I couldn’t pass up the excuse to play around over the holiday break. Designed in Affinity Designer and printed on the 'forge. The “ab” logo is the company logo, also hand-vectorized and cut out of acrylic. I probably spent a little too much time on it (considering I’m not even in the league) but hey, I’m pleased with how it came out :slight_smile:


The Glowforge has the tendency to make us do things like this, just because!


Should put the year and the name of the winner on it after it’s done


Should put the year and the name of the winner

That was my thought too, but the request was a single trophy to be passed around each year, Stanley Cup style. Fine with me to not be on the hook every year for the next decade to cut a new one :slight_smile:


You did a really nice job! It’s always fun to take it up an extra notch.

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You really made that trophy unique! Great that it will be treasured for generations.

This is great! You will probably get requests for a few more :blush: