Fantasy RPG houses

I’ve been looking all over for free, simple house designs for fantasy desktop gaming (Dungeons & Dragons, etc). Nothing ornate or too identifiable as a particular style or period… something that would stand in as “generic cottage” in any setting, and I have NOT been able to find what I’m looking for. So yesterday I started working on my own prototypes. Here is version #2. I’m trying to get it sized so that I can get two of them from a $5 sheet of 3mm plywood. Once I’m happy with the design, I’ll make some alternate styles and two-story versions. Work in progress…




The shingled roof engraving is masterful!


Nice job, good little houses. Scaled for 5’ to an inch?

If you’re near a rugby architectural building supply location , you can get your material costs down by a factor of five. Buying full 5’x5’ sheets of 3mm Baltic birch is usually under $15 if you find the right supplier.


I thought it looked nice too… it’s just a texture I grabbed online and bumped up the exposure and contrast.


Love the roof!


So satisfying to design yourself. Nicely done!

Adorable! I like the roof as well. Maybe in your next iteration you can detail the sides is stone or log patters. It would take a long time to engrave though. Sometimes a defocussed score can substitute for a line of engraving, and would be a lot faster.

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Those look awesome.

Yeah, I’ve thought about a “siding” design for the walls. I think I’ll stain a few and see how I like them as plain wood with contrasting window/door frames. If they seem like they need something more, I’ll think about adding some wall textures. A lot of miniature makers and painters go for huge amounts of detail and realism, but tbh, I really want something very plain to stand in for “GENERIC HOUSE” so it can be used in any situation.

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I’m thrilled you put the grid inside - so many of the fancy ones don’t do that!