Farewell Cassini


Cassini may be gone, but it’s images and data will continue to amaze, inform, and inspire. Thank you to that faithful probe and it’s caring creators and operators.


It took six years and 261 earth days for the Saturnians to get their pre-ordered flagship-class unmanned robotic spacecraft. Then, Planet Express held it in orbit for another 13+ earth-years while customs got everything sorted out. I hear the Saturnian backers were really pleased with the final hardware.

Awesome 'forged tribute.


What an amazing journey it made.
I cannot wait to see the last set of images

Great tribute


Nice job. Now that took some time to engrave, I’ll bet.


Nice! Most of what we know about Saturn came from Cassini. In a poetic twist, I believe the anniversary of Giovanni Cassini’s death was day before yesterday…


Very nice! :grinning:


I understand that is was DOA! :wink:


Elegant and memorable. Thanks for sharing!