Fast Key chains using Glowforge Premium!

Just got my Glowforge back from the repair shop… Love the premium! Crazy slick for key chain creation.


Why did it need repairing and how long did it take?

Something went bad with the lid and electronics. A part was sent to me and that did not fix it. Cost to send it back to them is $500, then they let you know the cost of the repair. The guess was $400 to $1400. Mine came in just under $700.

It went down Feb 10. Bounced emails to the west coast for about 15 days before I finally got to ship it. It was returned to me April 15. Not a fast process, but it came back clean as a whistle and ready to roll. Man did I miss it while it was gone!

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So glad you’re back in business!


Great to have you back in business. I missed your work. Been thinking of your kiddoes and school. You are one of the better prepared teachers for distance learning!


I am glad to be back!!! Distance learning is a hoot. About 50% of my kiddos are in after week 1… Yesterday I posted this video and told them the first 5 to watch closely and tell me the “measurement I prefer” for key chains gets a free one…

Only two responded out of about 100… It was a Sunday though. Maybe, just the possibility that I will have “contest”, will get a few more involved.

Loving the premium features. Not enough hours in the day for all my ideas. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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