Fastest Fussy Cut Appliqué Ever!


This is a piece of fabric with heat and bond already applied. Going to look fabulous on my skirt.


Ooh, such possibilities for really detailed pieces. Doesn’t look like there’s much charring on the edges, either!


There is some charring but that might be my fault! lol. I had slowly gone up to 50% and it wasn’t enough and I jumped to 80%. You cannot see any charring when it is on the skirt. :slight_smile:

Also, when taking the paper off the back one of the thinner areas broke off.


If the garment is machine washable I expect the char will washout with any problem.


Yes it will! (Make a cute skirt!) :grinning:




So nice to see this! I have a friend who has given me some fabric and bond sheets to practice with and I haven’t taken the challenge yet. And the fabric she gave me is black, so I shouldn’t need to worry about any charring. :wink:


Can you use masking on the fabric to reduce the char? I’ve been using this;

for my non-proofgrade material.


This is just what my wife, a quilter, bought the machine for. When we finally got to see the specs said you could not cut through layers of fabric safely she gave me control of the GlowForge. I got her a die cutting machine instead, but I will cut her special pieces when asked.


What fun! I’ve cut fabric on the Silhouette Cameo … and although I don’t do a lot of applique … I did buy a Seklema mat for paper and fabric cuts.

Post a photo of your skirt! :slight_smile:


I have a Silhouette Cameo I didn’t find it to be particularly good at cutting fabric.


I’m a beginning sewist. This is my first wrap skirt. It is very basic because I wanted to do lots of embellishing.


Very cute skirt. You must be having a blast! And, sewist…an interesting new term for seamstress. It spell checks to sexist! :smile:


Lol. Seamstress is much more than I would claim.


And sewist is so much better than sewer!


I just joined a sewing group on facebook where they were discussing sewer (yuck), sewist, and seamstress. Sewist wins for me as it is gender neutral and doesn’t connote professional. I thought I had made up the word in a moment of desperation!


80% power at what speed?