Father's Day Clipboard


Gabe’s Dad, Tony, is a basketball coach. So he often has a clipboard. This is what Gabe is about to give his Dad for Father’s Day…

Front… Normal clipboard that will hold many papers.

It comes with a dowel in the clip.

Back… Pure love.

That hole in the bottom is where the dowel goes which allows it to stand upright.

The wood appears to be 1/3" crapboard (that’s a thing, right?). And because I tested the engrave on scrap a few times unmasked… I completely forgot to mask the real piece. What a tool I am. Also I think I could have gone a shade lighter, but everybody’s happy with it as-is, so I guess I’m not re-doing it.

Edit: Here’s the original photo in case you’re interested:


I think you’re fine


Thanks! :smile:

Doesn’t meet my personal standards, but I’ll get better!


What a great gift–it’s priceless!


Oh, I think both Gabe and Tony will be happy.
Me, I’ll be happy if I get word that Tony cries when he opens it. Is that mean? :smiling_imp:


This is amazing! Any dad would be glad to have something this special. :blush:glowforge:


Oh, thanks!
Makes me feel better about it that people are liking it! :slight_smile:


Yep – looks great! I don’t think you have anything to worry about!


OK this is great, and is so amazing and personal, that everytime he coaches he will get a new gift. First off, you had it running just perfectly given the total lack of spew, so don’t sweat the masking (I have never gotten the surrounding wood that clean, unless you sanded after). As for lighter? Really, I would say if anything darker, but to each their own, but I think it’s pretty perfect as is.


Thanks!!! :slight_smile:[quote=“henryhbk, post:9, topic:8755”]
total lack of spew, so don’t sweat the masking

Yeah, there’s no “spew,” but there’s smoke damage that’s more noticeable in person than in the photo. It’s not bad or anything, I just know full well that had I masked it, there’d be 0 smoke stain.[quote=“henryhbk, post:9, topic:8755”]
As for lighter? Really, I would say if anything darker

Well, that was an interesting thing about this crapboard wood. It’s lighter, but kind of etches like it’s charring even though it’s not. It’s just kinda weird. And that was my first experience with it and it didn’t even slightly resemble any of my testing on my 1x scrap wood.

Thanks again, everybody!


Looks great Tom!



Working on the next Father’s Day gift right now. This one’s for my Father-In-Law.


That’s so…heart touching.


Thanks! It’s one of his mother’s favorite pictures of them, as I understand.


So I got word… They all loved it. Apparently Tony looked at people like they had two heads when they suggested “Now you’ll have this whenever you’re coaching.” His response to that was “Coaching? No no. Then people will want to touch it or something. Or something could spill on it. No. I’m going to figure out where to hang this up in our house.”


well now you have to make a second one for the field. :wink:


Heh. Wouldn’t want it to lose it’s one-of-a-kind-ness. :slight_smile: