Father's day garage sign

My son made gifts for my husband for Father’s day, but out of excitement he gave them to him way early (a few months too early), so we have nothing for him tomorrow.

I wanted to make him a parking sign for the garage. I’ve been working on an artsy version of his car, but it isn’t quite right it ready for this tight deadline. So I borrowed an image from a blueprint.

But this is the finished sign for my husband (getting back to work on MY dad’s gift now). It’s made from white mdf board that I bought. I have so much of it and didn’t know what to do with it until today.


nice job!

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Really nice! Did just engraving leave that black color? Or did you go back and paint? Looks amazing!

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I used proofgrade maple settings that someone had suggested on this forum and it burned black-ish, it’s a very very dark brown. My husband loved it.

Oh my word ! I’d love to make that for my fiance but maybe a porshe instead. Anyone who has a pattern for it?

Pattern for what? A porsche? Just look up Porsche design drawings or blue prints. As for the sign, I looked at parking signs and measured them, then put the rest together myself. The words on the bottom took me the longest to do because they were the hardest to come up with. I wanted it to be funny, but not the same as every other funny parking sign out there. If you’re going to use a design drawing or blueprint instead of drawing it yourself, make sure it’s only for personal use. Don’t want to get in trouble for copyright violations.


Oh that is very cool. I’d be thrilled too!

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