Faux barn wood?

I seem to remember that someone shared a recipe here for “faux” barn wood, but I couldn’t find it with a search. Basically just looking for tips to age wood to give it a grey/weathered look. I may hit up google or pinterest for ideas for this, but thought I’d try to tap into the maker hive mind here first … it’s always nice to hear from someone who has actually tried it, VS attempting something that you saw on Pinterest and coming out with one of those sad Pinterest fails :wink:


No good at faux barn wood. I just find a barn and pull some wood off it. :wink:

Edit: Barns over 80 years old have the best weathering.


I’ve used the vinegar with steel wool method in the past. It works fairly well. I started with rough sawn pallet wood and it was already pretty weathered but I needed to weather the fresh cut edges. If you go that route make sure you leave the jar outside with the lid loose as it off gasses and stinks pretty bad. Steel wool needs to sit in vinegar for a couple days.

edit… For me the critical part is rough sawn wood vs planed to get that barn wood look.


I usually take a wire brush to expose the grain, gently torch the hairs down and toast the tops, then white wash.