Faux Leather 100% polyester

Hey cool cats! Anyone know if this is safe to cut?

I believe “polyester” is laser safe as in it wont damage the machine, but for this specific product it would be really hard to tell. you would need to get a hold of the manufacture or more product info like a mds to be sure they are not using any chemicals with chlorine to color it or something along those lines.


I believe Hobby Lobby has said it’s not actually 100% polyester… and I’ve heard it’s not safe to laser.


Thanks a ton, Martha!

I tried to find contact information for the seller of that particular brand and I’m not having any luck. I’m gonna steer clear of this product to be safe!


Another group member had Hobby Lobby confirm that at least some of their “100% polyester” has PVC in it. If you search for PVC or Faux Leather here or in the FB GUG you should find the post.