Faux neon sign redux

Hmm wonder how the gf could adapt this idea…


If you are looking for something to simulate Neon this product might do the trick.
NeoPixel RGB Neon-like LED Flex Strip with Silicone Tube from adafruit.

If you don’t need the programmable color feature adafruit has these: Flexible Silicone Neon-Like LED Strip - 1 Meter - Various colors They only require power and a much more reasonable in price.

Since the strips are continuous the Glowforge could create a mask for the parts that you don’t want to show and hide the wires. If you mixed in 3D printing who knows what wonders you could create.

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That’s a cool idea, but that’s sort of a threedux post in itself. Really different use cases.

Add to that the fact that this would be at least one order of magnitude more expensive, brighter, and more power-hungry than the el-wire solution, and they’re definitely apples and oranges.

El wire runs on ac current at an audible frequency. There can be a whine to them. They also have a much lower brightness. LEDs can be dimmed but EL wire can not be brightened.

Both methods can be used to simulate neon. Good find by the way. Wish I had my glowforge to try and make some lighted signs, but my workspace requires the filter. Don’t have a choice but to wait.

Wow, really bright. I have a couple of projects this might be cool for. Thanks for the find.

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