Favorite Catalog Designs? What have you printed the most?

What catalog designs have been your favorite? What ones have you cut the most of?

@CMadok I’ve been able to use up a lot of my wood scraps with your oh-so-cute Tasty Gingerbread earrings! They look darling! Thanks for a fun design!

@Jules I have made quite a few — and would love to make a LOT more of the can dispensers! I am still wishing for more sizes (standard tuna cans, 6 ounce tomato paste, 28 ounce cans (tomatoes & chili beans & pie fillings). I seriously would offer them on my new website as a main product because I LOVE how well they work!! They are my absolute, hands down, most favorite item in the catalog!!! Pleeeassseeee more sizes!


Thank you. With so many new designs in the catalog, it’s getting hard to think of what’s not already in there.

As for me, i don’t print much from the catalog, but the items i do print often are @geek2nurse’s kumiko earrings and quick gifts that are popular with teens, like @aloha’s 3D pineapple earrings and Glowforge’s retro TV phone stand.


People love @trually ‘s Winter Wonderland Cabin and Creatures as a gift! So much thought placed into the design. And the Double Heart Earrings!!! The best! She also has a pie with whipped cream one.

Also @CMadok ‘s Jewelry Clothes Hanger Display, and Kumiko-style Vertical Napkin Holder make awesome appreciated gifts.

Not in the catalog but @arh2 ’s story dice are also a wonderful gift.

There are so many wonderful designs, and when you go through the process of assembling it brings it to a new level.

I also love all of @designvh619 ’s designs on his etsy shop!!!

This is a magical gift machine.


And my battery dispensers :slight_smile: (filled with batteries)


Ooh that is an awesome idea! I never thought about using that as a gift, but filled with batteries! That’s like a parent’s dream :smile::smile::smile:


Love the look…EVERY Thanksgiving my son that makes his appearance (meaning we rarely see him) also has his phone out of battery…I’m going to print that retro phone charger and get a cord hooked up for him in the (informal) dining room. He will get a kick out of that!


I don’t print all that many designs from the Catalog, but I can tell you which of mine sell the most month after month:

No Math Focus Ruler
German Chalet LED Tealight Holder
Mother’s Day Bouquet with Vase
Pocket Pentominoes Puzzle
Summer Days Layered Window Picture
Autumn Days Layered Window Picture
Winter Days Layered Window Picture
Weather Baby Clothes Closet Organizers
Forest Animal Baby Clothes Closet Organizers

Yes – these are great!


Thank you so much for that compliment, I still use mine too. :slightly_smiling_face:

You know I got plunged into another (unrelated to design) project a few years ago and it is literally eating up all my time now. I do miss the luxury of having the time to create. And visit. (I’ll bet you could figure it out though, and just make a few modifications to that design for your own personal use.)

Give it a shot, nothing lost if it doesn’t work the first couple of times, (we don’t get graded on it), and it’s fun! :blush:


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