Favorite Postal Scales

Links to your fav postal scales? All the highly rated ones on Amazon also have a handful of terrible reviews. Probably will be shipping under 50lbs, nothing super crazy big/industrial.

Thank you!!

This might help you make sense of reviews on amazon.


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@evansd2: Do you the “Fakespot” plug-in? And, does it really work? Does “Fakespot” take payments from “approved” sellers—like Yelp (The Internet has made me a cynic!) :sunglasses:

I bought this one and like it a lot—good for ~12 pounds max.



Thanks for the link! I was messing with our kitchen scale last week which only goes to 4.5lbs. Had to take stuff out of the package until it registered…

@arh2: That Ozeri kitchen scale was rated a Best Buy on America’s Test Kitchen. You can even read the display with a large bowl on it. :sunglasses:

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Awesome - time for an upgrade!

You might find you need more than one scale–one for the higher weights, and another if you also expect to have lighter weight items and need to differentiate by the ounce.

But can any of your items fit into flat rate boxes? That can often be a better deal for packages, esp. since rates are based on weight and zone (distance) now. Also look into “regional rate”, which can be a great deal, too, but often have to order the boxes from USPS.com as rarely are stocked in post offices (they are free, but just have to order). Though RR allows only up to 13 lbs vs. 75 for flat rate (but do check current limits to see if that’s changed).


Thanks for the tips!! I’ve never shipped things on a regular basis so this info is great to know!

I’ve been shipping for my Etsy shop for many years, though usually items less than a pound, but I do use flat rate, regional rate, and first class–domestic & international.

A lot of folks like PirateShip–using such you can take advantage of the lower commercial rates vs. retail rates you pay at the post office (provided you are set up to print your own labels–also recommend the adhesive backed label sheets, too).

We have the black one of this - but it only goes to 5lbs. 50lbs is pretty big! I think for those kinds of weights you’d do better with a tabletop pet scale

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