Fear of Glass etching

So I’m scouring the Community forum. And I do not see a lot of information on glass etching. I’m scared to try it and hurt my wonderful Glowforge. I have a square jar mug… it has a flat surface. Do I use masking tape, painters tape, or liquid dish soap? Do I take out the crumb plate? Any suggestions?

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If the mug is wider than 2" you cannot use the Glowforge. if the height is less than 2" it is possible.


Lol Stencil it is then! Thank you!


But to answer your initial question, it is safe. If you search on Spice Jars you’ll see several projects people have done with smaller (less than 2" high) spice jars.


Or, search for “glass engraving”. Lots of stuff out there.


It won’t hurt your Glowforge! I etch fusible glass with great results. Try these settings: full power, 400 speed, 225 LPI. Make sure your machine is well vented because you don’t want to breathe in glass dust.


I see people who are posting the different settings but what are they using for the material setting?

The material selected doesn’t matter - the manual settings take precedence.