Feather tangle on Baltic Birch

My wife has a fondness for this art style and this particular drawing has been my go to for learning about the :glowforge:.

This was cut/engraved from/on Baltic Birch. My masking game clearly needs improvement as there are a couple of smoke lines.


Looks great!

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Very nice!

it looks like you used more than one piece of masking material and the smoke is where the two didn’t quite line up. is that correct? i’m guessing masking/painters tape? if so, you just need wider material. look for transfer tape, like the transfer rite 582u, which many of us use. it comes in different widths.

Right on all counts. I’ve looked at the transfer tape a bunch of times, but the shipping cost offends me (I’m spoiled by Amazon). At some point I’ll suck it up and get it. Especially if the smoke lines continue :smile:

you can buy 10 yd (instead of 100yd) on amazon with free shipping.

but really, it’s still cheaper to buy the 100yd and pay shipping. $51 shipped for 12" x 100yd or $13 shipped for 12" x 10 yd. it’s literally less than half the price per yard. we get spoiled with the “free” shipping at amazon, but it’s really all about “price to your door”.

added bonus in this case: less hassle masking and less chance of messing up a cut/engrave w/smoke lines.

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