Feature change in GFUI: Selecting items inside another object

Perhaps I missed someone’s post about this, or I am missing something pretty basic, but when did the feature to be able to select an object inside another object go live?

I just noticed this ability today when I went to move some objects and not everything got selected by just selecting to bounding object? It is helpful to have this feature, but now I have to remember to select everything in and object to move it.


I noticed the same.I was trying to nudge the positioning of an item and ended up only moving part of it. :crazy_face: I caught it right away but…


Must have been really recent - it wasn’t doing it this afternoon when I was moving a bunch of stuff around.

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It’s been around a while, it just depends on how you organize your objects. I’ve done this by accident on a print months ago. I don’t remember what caused it though.


Holy smokes, really?


I’ve noticed it for a while, and IIRC it happens more when you single-click on an inner-item, then click and drag. It makes me twitchy and extra-cautious when I’m dragging stuff around to make sure I’m not getting just part. :slight_smile:


I have pretty much learned to

a) select with the area selection
b) move with the cursor

because anything else is prone to interesting results. A few times I’ve just gone back to the design index rather than try to fix things.


It has been live for a while, but I didn’t realize it was a thing, I just assumed I had neglected to group the file.

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I’ve always seen that. I think it depends on if your objects are grouped or not. Like if I expand text, I can move each letter if I want. I’ve always seen it work like that.

Correct! grouped objects stay together. Its great to be able to have different colored lines grouped together. That way you can be accurate but still have the flexibility of moving objects around to best utilize the material.

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This is definitely a change for me and only now! I was often annoyed by the issue but adapted to it, so Puff died and Puffette arrived and suddenly it is a change in how things work. There are many implications as I have gone nuts trying to work with the honeycomb pins with all the disconnected parts, and the rectangle that encloses everything kept me from picking stuff inside that rectangle of what I was trying not to pick.

Less an issue of wanting to go back than some sort of definition of how everything works now so I can use it without such nasty surprises.

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