Feature request: Customer/maker matchmaking service and proof grade volume discounts

Does Glowforge intend to help owners connect with customers who would like to have items from the Glowforge catalog printed and shipped to them? It would be awesome if there was a way for me to indicate that I am interested in providing print-on-demand services for those who don’t have their own Glowforge. I would even be willing to pay a small fee to Glowforge for making the connection.

If this feature existed, I would also likely want to make larger volume proofgrade purchases. Does Glowforge intend to offer volume discounts on proof grade materials?


A very good idea - especially for overseas customers.


I like these ideas very much!
Find-A-Glowforge near you!

@dan @GlowforgeStaff?


both of these are great ideas; consider me behind them, too.

i think the best way to go about customer interactions like that would be for glowforge (or one of us if hey don’t feel comfortable) to put up a site like how http://opendesk.cc does things.


This is a fantastic idea. I’d love to do print on demand services. I’m not much of a retail sales guy but a service like this would be something I could do.


Yeahhhh, great idea! Also, is there a way for us to get our ideas into the catalogue, and collect a commission for each download?

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Man, I’ve been waiting for an answer to that one since the day I ordered.

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I’ll pipe in, I like the idea too, especially if it gave the option to possible find someone within your region/vicinity, which would provide for cheating shipping, etc. Just running scenarios in my head, the only real trick I see is making sure Glowforge gets its cut in something like that, especially if many of the designs were buy once cut always. If cutting for different people in that kind of set up then royalties would probably need to be paid back to Glowforge and the designer in addition to whatever the fee to cut and ship would be. Not that those have to be huge amounts, but still.

That’s a great suggestion! We’ll put it in the feature hopper.

Ditto that.


i’m pretty i read that being said somewherrrrre on this forum forever ago, with an eye to buy and cut once, buy and keep forever sorts of things, but i may be conflating different stuff.

Check out this site that does just that for 3D printer prints … I don’t know how they work it I just noticed they do that…


yeah, i definitely a word there huh :wink: