Feature Request: Exhaust Fan Control

While the GF does an ok job clearing the smoke after a print, it would be nice to be able to send a command to the printer to get extra exhaust fan time. After long cuts, the wood is still sometimes smoking a little and having the ability to turn on the fan for a half a minute or so would help out a lot to ensure the living area doesn’t get more smoke/smell than necessary !


Or in the case of some acrylics, 3 or 4 minutes. :wink:


:slight_smile: indeed

or leather an hour or two :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


This is one of the most requested features and is in the “hopper.” Feedback like yours is one reason that the fan now runs longer after each job than it used to. :+1:


Speaking of “Hopper”… Is there a public facing “Todo” list? Features they are interested in implementing? Their statuses…etc? Do we know what they are currently working on? @dan it would be nice to know what the software team is up to, and what we can expect on next release. :slight_smile:

Honestly for me, I’d rather smell burning hair instead of some of the 2-color acrylic I’ve used recently. :nauseated_face:

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in the same respect I’d love to be able to turn down the exhaust fan - I cut paper and I don’t need (or want) maximum exhaust strength… it just makes it harder to cut accurately and makes a lot of noise.


There is an intake fan as well, and the CFM of the two are balanced to ensure positive evacuation.
The air assist on the other hand is the one that would blow paper and light weight materials around. Thatt is a fan that rides with the head. Thing about that is the air assist helps keep fire at bay.
A spray light tack adhesive might be just what you need. Applied to a sacrificial board, it would hold your work down.

Or in the case of rubber, a few days…

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I was expecting the honeycomb insert to have downdraft functionality, but it obviously doesn’t (or not much).

Doing paper artwork usually precludes using spray adhesive; the work cycle on all that would be rather excessive. I’m going to keep working to replicate my workflow on other laser systems but right now it’s maybe 40% of what I’m used to.


The air assist isn’t the problem. The strong cross breeze from the other fans gets under the paper and lifts it. Being able to slow those fans down would be a huge help! cutting paper does not produce large volumes of smoke, so the airflow does not need to be so great.

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The air intake and exhaust air serve a dual purpose, besides removing the smoke it cools the fluid that cools the laser tube. I think if you cut that flow you reduce the duty cycle of the machine. The air assist also pushes air horizontally toward the front right at your work at a greater velocity than the cross flow.

I agree it would be nice to have greater control of the fans to fit specific operations but from a liability perspective, the company needs to design a product that prevents you from starting fires. I think flair-ups would be common without the air assist.

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Yes please!

I quickly ran into the nasty smell of acrylic and just as quickly wished I could run the fan for longer periods of time.

Be sure to post feature requests in Problems & Support so the people who can actually do something about it see them. :slight_smile: