Feature Request: Hilight 'ignored' objects hovered over

My use case is that I have designs with many objects in them, often identical duplicates in different places, which I turn on and off so that I can send each one (or group) to the Glowforge, to work around the job size limitation.

Right now when you hover over an object on the left of the edit window, it hilights the object — unless it’s ‘ignored’ in which case it remains grey. This makes it very hard to find the ignored object to turn on next.

What would be great would be:

  • Hovering over an object’s box on the left should hilight the object on the print area even if it is ‘ignored’. Then I could see that I’m clicking on the right copy of the object to turn it on.
  • Hovering over an object on the print area should hilight the object’s box on the left. Then I could point directly at the object, and see where I can turn it on.

Ignored and enabled objects could be highlighted in different colors.


Good idea!

+1000. And in general make artwork easier to see!

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Great one for the hopper! Also, FYI, Problems & Support is the best place for feature requests to make sure they get to the right place.

@dan maybe you could post a poll and let people vote for their top features? Might help in prioritizing

First we’re going to finish the stuff we committed to do, then we’ll go to new stuff. :slight_smile: We keep a list around in case there’s low hanging fruit we can knock off as we build, though.