Feature Request - Repeat Job

I’ll post this here and have sent a request e-mail as well.

A simple “Repeat Job” allowance would be HUGE! Many requests in the past, adding one more to help the effort.

Understanding there are risks involved should come with that territory of use. But, A simple selection within the design that it can be a repeat would lessen the issue. You could allow the repeat by holding the magic button for a few seconds, say 5?

I have been using our GF Pro for almost a year now. The results have been great. We manufacture race car parts, and use this primarily to etch our logo onto anodized aluminum. Generally hundreds of pieces in a batch. I have cut acrylic locating fixtures to keep the parts at the same location, it goes in place of the crumb try and locates off of the feet slots on the floor as well as the front of the machine. Eliminating the tediousness of constantly having to go back to the computer and to run through the print steps would be great.

This request is coming from someone with machining and manufacturing background. I design our parts, and program our CNC machines to manufacture them. That being said, the latest addition with some X and Y locational information will be a great help in the future I’m sure, as I have not used that yet.

I’m sure this fairly simple addition would help many people as well, say they make wedding invitations, business cards, or any other number of items they sell.


You’re not the first to ask for it, but I hope the extra votes help to move it up in the priority list.

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Exactly my thought!

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For your feature request it’s not a big deal (and yes, this is the proper place to post them), but just so you’re aware for next time, posting here in Problems & Support opens a support ticket, as does emailing support. So if you’re posting about a machine issue, just do one or the other, since the extra support tickets bog things down. :slight_smile:

Though if I understand how the Glowforge works from some previous discussions, the file that is sent down from the Cloud is very low level. More basic than G-Code even, just a series of motor waveforms. So it would be quite literally the same exact job, it couldn’t re-measure the material for height changes or anything like that. I don’t think that would be a concern for what most of us want to do with a repeat job function, though.


Well, the official response I have seen posted repeatedly specifically says to post both here and send an e-mail.

(From Rita:

Right now, we’re focused on delivering the features we’ve promised you. We are adding to the “hopper” too, so feel free to post here or email support@glowforge.com when you come up with an idea - and it’s ok to do that even if someone else has already posted. Thanks!)

If doing so bothers the system, I apologize.

Note it says OR, not AND. :wink:

Like I said, for a feature request it’s not a big deal, but when you have a problem and are waiting for help, your frustration mounts by the minute. Matching and clearing all the duplicates takes time that could otherwise be spent helping people, so the less mess the better!

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Hi @TRZ_Mike!

Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll make sure the team gets them and all feedback is appreciated.

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